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Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi’s Aesthetic Training Institute

With an ample experience of 11 years in facial aesthetics, it was my dream to have an exclusive aesthetic training institute for doctors and medical professionals. The thought is rooted in the realization that this industry has evolved considerably and hence there is a huge need for injectors in India and worldwide. I want to spread my knowledge and share my experience through my dream ‘Aesthetic Training Institute’ to everyone who shares the same passion in this field as I. The aim is not only to make things simple but safe at the same time as I believe in a scientific-yet-practical approach.

Since more and more procedure are being performed and we are seeing more and more complications through injectables, so, it is the need of the hour that an injector is well equipped with the thorough knowledge of facial anatomy. As they say,”little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. To avoid and manage complications which can occur with the procedure of injectables, it becomes all the more crucial to first understand the basics. An injector also needs to learn the techniques for the right facial assessment and counseling skills combined with professional expertise to yield better results.

The main purpose of this training institute is not just to train the doctor in injectable techniques but also to help and inspire them to be a successful facial aesthetician in their practice. So, this training institute is actually an aesthetic journey for the doctors who seek training through this SNATI.

This is not just a one-time training but an actual aesthetic journey for the doctors where they can seek guidance and improve their skills from time to time or as and when required.

Who can join SNATI?

A doctor who has done their MBBS (or above courses) in dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, ENT surgery, BDS and maxillofacial surgeons.

Why Choose SNATI?

1. Dr. Sanjeev teaches every course personally from beginner levels to the Advanced Levels.

2. Each course runs for a full day which consists of technical inputs, lectures, live demos and hands-on training.

3. It will be a limited number of delegates so that they can have one to one interaction with Dr. Sanjeev and understand the technicalities of injectables individually.

4. All the guidelines and techniques taught by Dr. Sanjeev are designed to deliver safe and satisfactory results to their respective patients.

5. We have a dedicated support and guidance available.

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