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Training Sessions Need Models Like You

Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi’s Aesthetic Training Institute (ATI) is all about teaching and training various doctors about facial aesthetic treatments through facial injectable techniques. The treatments involved are thereby non-surgical and do not have any downtime. The academy needs models for live training on whom the procedures can be performed to impart better knowledge and understanding to the trainees. So, if you choose to become a model for us, you can rest assured of seeing wonderful results as the Top Aesthetic Physician from Mumbai (India), Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi shall be treating you.

Why should you Model for us at Aesthetic Training Institute (ATI)?

  • Since the procedure will be done by Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi, you don’t have to worry about safety and quality. If you have been wanting to enhance your facial features, contact us right away! This is just the right platform for you.
  • In his pursuit to master the craft of injectables, he has received international training with some of the most popular experts and hence can provide a lot through his teaching, guidance, and protocols. Become a part of his creativity!
  • Nelogi’s client base includes Bollywood and TV celebrities, politicians, industrialists, and other influential people like socialites. Anyone would love to be the part of this training, so why not you?
  • Unique techniques that the doctor applies to teach the fellow medical professionals produce more natural looking results. Your facial features will look more balanced but the changes will be so subtle that it will be hard to tell what exactly did change.
  • Last but definitely not the least, the procedure would be done either at a very affordable price or free of cost. So hurry up and grab this opportunity!

What All Do You Need To Be A Part Of Our Training?

  • The first and foremost step is to connect with us. All you need to do is fill the Registration Form [ADD FORM LINK] and read the guidelines carefully before starting any course/treatment.
  • Then, we’ll call you for a consultation with Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi.
  • Models must be above 18 years of age to enrol in our courses. This ensures that you are suitable for the treatment and have decided to take a step ahead in your aesthetic journey.

Become A Model