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Lips Masterclass

Lip Augmentation Filler Masterclass
    • Beautiful Lips

    • Anatomy of Lips

    • Injection Techniques

    • Complications

    • Hands On

Course Content

  • Beautiful Lips  2 lessons We shall study various types of Lips and what makes a Lip attractive. 0/2

  • Anatomy of Lips  1 lesson 0/1

  • Injection Techniques  4 lessons We shall discuss various techniques of Lip Augmentation 0/4

  • Complications  1 lesson 0/1

  • Hands On  1 lesson 0/1

Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi is an Aesthetic Physician from Mumbai (India). He completed his medical studies at MR Medical College Gulbarga, Karnataka. He is the international faculty of Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) and expert trainer in injectables for Kaya Skin Clinic-UAE & KSA at present.
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